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I am the daughter of Victoria and I am seaching her family tree, unfortunately she died in 1.2.1971 aged 55.I met my husband Fred, who was in the Royal Artillery Corps in Penzance. and we returned to Leeds in 1945 to marry.We have some photos of her, in uniform, and from the re-union they had many years later.Jill Elizabeth Bennet Neame My mother served with the Land Army.The hostel was a busy place on Sunday nights, girls came back in all sorts of moods some were glad to have seen their boyfriends, and some were home sick.Lying in the estrange bed I looked around the room which was to be my home for some time to come.Mom and dad have been married for nearly 65 years - my brother was born during the War.

Alma Stamp I would love to hear from Alma Stamp who served in the Land Army with me at Holland House, Spalding, Lincolnshire.Margaret Hudson I believe she was then called Margaret Hudson.They went on dates to The White Hart, and my granddad would sing and play melodeon there.At harvest time at 5 pm he would bring us tea and sandwiches and every week he would give us a tip.I am trying to gather memories of anyone who may have known her grandmother during her time as a land girl.I watched carefully as the farmer sat down on his three legged stool and started to milk the first cow.

These were a lovely golden colour with cream mane and tail, and after work I spent many pleasant hours being taught horse riding by her.I dont remember any air raids there on the Island,we were lucky to be free from all that.I am researching my family history, and I am struggling to find anything about the landgirls of South Shropshire, Myrlte and Geoffrey are my cousin, sadly both deceased now.I learnt later this was Arthur, a real country bumpkin and a bit in the simple side.We also would sort the potatoes. (good ones from bad ones) We were all taken in the morning by truck to different farms and brought back at night.There were 3 women on the farm in all. (Helen Mills and Muriel being the other two).One day I was going potato picking and when I got off the lorry I looked to see who was with me and I was shocked to see they were new girls.After a raid I used to drive into Norwich in the blackout to see if my grandparents were alright.My Dad was married to my mum for 52 years, but I know that he never forgot Maud.

On this farm I had a candle for a light in my bedroom, the loo was outside and water was obtained from a pump.I can remember several names, but would love to hear from anyone who would be interested in getting in touch.He came over here as an agricultural labourer, and for a period of time in 1945 for about 6 months he worked the land at Lincolnshire with Mick Murray, John Feerick, Mattie Lyons and they drank and sang at The White Horse Inn.She always said and was convinced that doing this work during that time had given her arthritic knees and hands later on in life.Mary Brown I trying to find information for one of my elderly clients.The lights went out at 10 pm, so unless you had a torch, you could not even find your way to the bathroom.Dances were started at the village hall and this gave me something to look forward to each Saturday night.

Another job that she had to do was picking sprouts in the winter on a farm in Holt, near Wrexham.I said they were and to get across the field they would have to climb over the fence and run for their lives.My mum enjoys good health and lives a very active life in Northern Ireland where she settled after her marriage.Ruby Bennett My mother served in the Land Army and was stationed in Settle Yorkshire.After the war I moved to Cornwall where I lived with my husband until he died in 1989.

This was not a good idea as some farming methods on the W.side were somewhat different to the E.side where I was destined to work.Our spirits lifted, we enjoyed the challenge of the biting wind as we crossed the ice hard fields past a group of huddled sheep as we returned to work.Sadly my Mum has been passed away some years now but I would love to hear from anyone who may have known her or been in Pallington at the same time which I believe was around 1948 as she served six years.Some of the girls went on to new lives in the USA with American husbands.I had a horse tear the back out of my leather jacket, while I was in it.Imagine the shock and excitement of arriving in America after spending life in, say, domestic service in rural England, or doing factory work in urban slums.

There was meat tart, prune pie, custard tart and delicious home made bread.So many days milking, field work, poultry. Pigs. Tractors, Reversing a tractor with traier thro a farm gate etc etc.Tragically she lost her daughter to cancer and in turn her son-in-law also died.Patricia Lily Harris My mother served in the Land Army during the war.Mary Forsyth Fenner My Mom, Mary Forsyth Fenner, served in the WLA during WWII and was stationed in Ayrshire, Scotland at Trachraigue and Calzean Castle.Although she passed away at 1964 I would like to find out more about her life in the Army and if anyone knew her.At one time she drove a wagon of corn to the water mill at West Newton.Later, we were pulling them and laying them out for drying off, until they were ready for bagging up.Thank you and best regards to you all who served our country so well during the war.

I would also like to march on the Remembrance Day Parade and would be very grateful if I could get any advice as to how I would go about this.

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She first worked at Brockington Grange, Bredenbury, Near Hereford.Joyce Audoire My mother served in the Land Army at Lakenheath, her best friend was Hilda Ward.As we got into the car to go to the station my sister told me all the soldiers in the American club would be on the steps there to wave me Goodbye.We were fortunately unhurt, and my mother found rented accommodation in the neighbouring town of Dalton-in-Furness.

Vera Grace Sweeney Vera served in the Womens Land Army in Hertfordshire during the Second World War.I spent the last part of my service in East Meon,or was it West Meon.

In 1940 I went home to live, but, by this time, my family had moved to Ashmanhaugh where my father was an ARP Warden, as well as holding down his new job as a farm foreman.Mum grew up in London, but when married stayed in somerset Mrs Pat Jefferis Add to this record.Thanks for your time look I look forward to hearing from anyone who remembers mum as she has never been in contact since the end of the war.

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